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Responsible for the safe, fast and efficient day–to–day operation of the Higher Ferry, whilst at all times delivering consistently high service standards to all customers.



  • To ensure that a fast and efficient service is maintained at all times.
  • To be fully conversant with and carry out all agreed operating procedures and the company’s terms and conditions.
  • To be responsible, for maintaining records (Time Sheets, Daily Log Sheets, Banking reconciliation Forms). Accurate time keeping is to be recorded on the Time Sheet and any lateness verbally reported to the Ferry Manager.
  • To ensure that only uniform issued by the company are worn, this includes headwear. It is your responsibility to keep your uniform clean, ironed and in good repair. Smart appearance is essential.
  • To be helpful and polite to customers at all times.
  • To carry out other tasks that might be asked of him/her by the Ferry Manager or other members of staff
  • To be flexible, where possible, to cover other shifts (or part of) in times of sickness.


  • When driving, to report to the Ferry Manager/Engineer, or in his absence his representative, any mechanical or electrical problems/defects that affect the everyday running of the Higher Ferry, e.g. state of rollers/sheaves etc. These defects should also be recorded, using the Defect Report Forms held on the Bridge.
  • When driving, to be responsible for the everyday cleaning of the bridge.


  • When collecting, to be responsible for the everyday cleaning of the ticket office and

other accommodation, and to ensure the slipways are kept clear of weed and debris, so that all traffic and pedestrians have a clear, safe passage up and down the slips.

  • To be responsible for the safekeeping of monies and to deposit money into the night safe on completion of their shift and ensuring the ticket office door is fully closed when the office is not manned.
  • To be responsible for the safekeeping of the ticket machines/Jett handsets and take same to the hotel operations room at night for downloading data and to put on charge overnight, and returning them to the ferry each morning.
  • To collect fares from vehicles and passengers as per Schedule of Tolls.


  • To ensure that when travelling out to the ferry in the morning and from the ferry at night, that both Ferry Operators are wearing life jackets.
  • To secure the boat correctly at night at the allotted space on the Dart Marina and to stow the launch correctly (with the engine raised) into the correct position on the boat deck of the ferry.

Job Type: Permanent

Salary: £7.83 per hour to start, increasing to £10.07 upon successful completion of ML5 Medical, Driver training and Competence test.

Hours: 30-40 per Week

Job application forms can be picked up from the ferry, alternatively, please email christianm@dartmarina.com and one will be sent to you.


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